Yoruba Will Face 100yrs Of War If Nigeria Should Break – Bisi Akande

Former governor of Osun State and pioneer chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Chief Bisi Akande, has warned those agitating for the breakup of Nigeria to bury the idea as it may trigger another bloody civil war.

Akande especially warned agitators from Yorubaland in Nigeria’s west, that the breakup of Nigeria can plunge the region in a renewed war that could last a century.

Akande spoke in Ibadan at the launch of Bayse One Brick House Hotel to mark the 50th birthday of former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Adebayo Adelabu. Adelabu was also the APC candidate in the last governorship election.

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Akande appeared to be responding to the clamour by a Yoruba group led by Professor Banji Akintoye, for an Oduduwa Republic, to be carved out of Nigeria.

As reported by the News Agency of Nigeria, Akande said that allowing Yoruba to break away from Nigeria might lead to bloodshed and avoidable civil war that would further decimate the people.

Those agitating for a Yoruba nation should have a rethink. This country must remain united to save it from war.

Yoruba will be in war for another 100 years if Nigeria is allowed to break.

He said that Nigeria was a product of war, adding that the country came into existence after Yoruba people had gone into 100 years of wars.

According to the former governor, most African countries and western world envy Nigeria because the country is the heartbeat of Africa.

Akande alleged that Francophone countries across the world have been praying for Nigeria to break because they weren’t comfortable with the country’s strength.

Those tormenting Nigeria are doing so because they are products of failed states. It is a difficult task to stop crimes, particularly in a corrupt society.

Now that some Nigerians are talking about breaking because of difficulties, they didn’t know that a man who can not endure will collapse and die. Only enduring country can stay.

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