Yaba, Yabaleft And Yabaleftonline, What Is The True Meaning Of These Words?


Ok now lets be frank this three words “Yaba” “Yabaleft”, “Yabaleftonine” do confuse people a lot especially the reason that its been used almost every time in Nigeria.

Don’t worry we got you covered and will explain everything we know and probably all you need to know about those words.


We all should know or may have heard of Yaba, a very popular place in Lagos, as its described in google travel

 “Energetic Yaba blends upscale residential areas with startup tech offices, drawing a young crowd to its hip, open-air wine and cocktail bars, and lively clubs playing Afrobeats music.”

Wordy Right? but to cut it short, Yaba is trendy place with lots of places to make city life amazing.


Yabaleft is actually a Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Yaba (FNHY) located at the popular Yaba bus stop, Lagos

The name was actually coined by Lagosian because coming from Ikeja, the facility is on the left of the highway, while the bus station is across the road on the right.

So incase anyone tells you to visit Yabaleft during a conversation with him/her just be aware you are been referred to a psychiatric hospital.


Finally, Yabaleftonline, its actually a popular online news and entertainment website although the name was actually conied from the ideo of Yabaleft.

Now you know clearly what those words means, free to find more interesting topics for your reading.

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