Terkehh Airdrop, How To Get Your $250 Worth Of Airdrop

Hello, you got here!!

Today I’m going to guide you through getting a $250 worth of airdrop. That’s the value as at time of making this post.

Terkehh works on Binance Smart Chain, and is the latest meme cryptocurrency created as Friends of Floki.

As of 6th Jan, 2022 the price of Terkehh is $0.025. You can checkout more information and current on CoinMarketCap.

Let鈥檚 talk about the Airdrop shall we?

You’ll get rewarded 2500 worth of Terkehh Token on successful completion of the airdrop process.

How To Get The Airdrop:

If you’re already familiar with Airdrops then don’t waste your time and go get your own $250 right away. Continue reading if you want to be guided.

Before starting make sure to get this things ready as you will need them to complete the airdrop process.

  • Telegram Account
  • Twitter Account
  • Trust Wallet

After getting the above listed ready, follow this simple steps accordingly.

Step 1: Join their Telegram group and Telegram channels

Step 2: Follow their Twitter Page and Like, retweet and comment on pinned post.

After completing the above instructions, it’s time to verify those processes you have taken to get your reward.

Step 6: Go to their Telegram Bot and click on start below or send /start

Step 7: Click on next as you have already completed the instruction.

Step 8: enter the required details when asked.

When asked for your BEP-20 address follow this process below.

  • Open Trust Wallet
  • Click on search, scroll down and click Add New Token
  • Select Binance Smart Chain instead of the default Ethereum
  • Paste the contact address below where it is required.
  • Click on add at the top right corner after it has automatically loaded other details into the remaining box.

Here’s The Contact Address馃憞


NOTE: Make sure you have done some transactions before with the Trust Wallet account you’re going to use.