Lil Frosh – 5 Star

A very talented Nigerian singer and rapper Lil Frosh returns to the music scene with an EP titled “5 Star,” which beams with pulsating rhythms and lyrical finesse across its eight captivating tracks.

This musical odyssey showcases Lil Frosh’s distinctive blend of rap prowess and melodic prowess, drawing listeners into a world painted with vibrant beats and gripping storytelling.

Furthermore, collaborations with Afrobeats icon Davido and the legendary K1 De Ultimate add a flavorful dimension to the EP, elevating its sonic landscape to new heights.

Finally, from infectious hooks to clever wordplay, Lil Frosh’s EP ‘5 Star’ serves a rich tapestry of sound that captivates audiences with its seamless fusion of rap and Afrobeats.


  1. Prophecy
  2. Bimida (ft. K1 De Ultimate)
  3. No Rizler
  4. To Serve Nigeria (ft. Davido)
  5. Yes Oh
  6. Manyo
  7. Kotns
  8. Be Happy

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