Igbo Gospel Singers Should Be Banned From Singing Yoruba Gospel Songs – Twitter User

A user on Twitter has explained why she’s insisting that Igbo gospel singers shouldn’t be allowed to sing Yoruba gospel songs.

According to Nwaoma, she got so confused while listening to a gospel song by an Igbo gospel singer over which Igbo dialect the singer used.

She had to listen carefully before she was able to recognize some Yoruba words from the song.

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Her tweet read;

Igbo gospel singers should be banned from singing Yoruba gospel songs.

I was listening to one and wondered which Igbo dialect it was and why I couldn’t understand the lyrics.

Then I recognized some Yoruba words!

Tweet below;

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  1. You children of Lucifer, after destroying the Nigeria political space with bad Belle, bitterness, ethnic bigotry, and gingoism ,
    P you are now exporting the same infectious diseases into the house of God.
    Churches should beware of these wolves who hid among the 🐑 sheep’s.

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