I Will Disgrace Any Man Who Requests For My Number Inside Keke – Twitter Lady

A Nigerian lady on twitter has made it clear that will disgrace any man who asks for her number in a Keke.

The lady identified as Oluwafumilayo made this known while also revealing she has already done that to a passenger who requested for her number in a keke.

Her reason being that it’s insensible for a man to ask for a lady’s number inside a tricycle.

In her words;

I entered keke today and this guy was asking for my number, I just blocked my ears. How can you be asking for my phone number inside keke???🙄🙄🙄🙄

Lmaoooo. Come her and spit whatever you want. I’ll still do the same thing tomorrow. It has nothing to do with pride and a lot to do with self respect.

I’ll be drinking my Fearless redberry while I watch you all cry all over my mentions . I said what I said. Don’t go about asking for ladies numbers inside a bus or keke. Mind your business till you guys ge down.

And if I come across someone like that again, I won’t only block my ears, I’ll embarrass him

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