Famous Nollywood Actresses From Ebonyi State

Southeast Nigeria contains the state of Ebonyi. The principal and most significant metropolis is Abakaliki, as well as the Igbo, who make up the majority of its population.

Many stunning native Nollywood actresses from Ebonyi State, who is also highly talented and well-known in the Nigerian film business, can be gladly mentioned.

Here are some renowned Ebonyi State celebrities:

 ChaCha Eke

Charity Eke, also called Chacha Eke Faani, was born the daughter of Professor John Eke and Abarigwe Umuogude Osha Mgbo within the Nigerian Ebonyi state on May 1, 1993. The charity is a well-known actress in Nigeria.

Her parents brought her up in Ebonyi District. She went to ESUT’s elementary and nursery schools. After that, she moved to Enugu, wherein she attended Our Lord Shepherd International School for her secondary schooling. 

Chacha began acting in 2009 through the “Miss Nollywood Talent Hunt/Pageantry” competition, wherein she participated. She has appeared in a few films, including “Bank Job,” King’s secret “Queen’s Desire,” “Cleopatra,” “Mirror of Life,” etc. She is particularly well-known for her performances in historical and regal films.

Grace Amah

Grace Amah, a well-known actress, supermodel, and Television personality from Nigeria, was born around February 1986 near Lagos State.

In Lagos, Grace finished both her primary and secondary schooling. She attended the Yaba Model Elementary School in Yaba, wherein she earned her initial high school diploma.

At the age of 13, Grace Amah began her career in acting by appearing in the Louis Isikaku-produced film “Chains.”

She became well-known for her part in the Teco Benson-produced and -directed Nigerian hit film “Elastic heart,” in addition to her appearance in the wildly successful “Super story (one bad apple)” television series.

Grace is a very versatile actress; she is beautiful, creative, and can adapt to different roles given to her by producers and directors.

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Angela Okorie

Nollywood actress, director, screenwriter, model, and businesswoman Angela Okorie. Angela is exceptionally attractive, imaginative, bright, and talented and frequently appears in romance films. In 2015, she won the Best Supporting Actor honor at the City People Entertainment Prizes.

Angela Okorie, a stunning Nollywood actress, was born and raised in Cotonou as the last of three children. She is an Ishiagu native of Ebonyi State.

Angela received her degree in theater arts from Lagos State University. While attending Lagos State University, Angela simultaneously studied public administration.

But after many years of modeling for soap companies, she entered Nollywood in 2009. Stanley Egbonini made and directed the debut Nollywood film, Sincerity.

Chita Agwu

Nollywood star Chita Agwu Johnson debuted on the screen in 2009.

She attended Ebonyi State University to study media. She hails from the region of Ebonyi, which is in southeastern Nigeria. In 2006, she began her career in the business, and thanks to her buddy Oge Okoye, Chita was able to land apart. She seems to be the driving force for the popular DSTV program Akanchawa.

Chita has appeared in 40 films, including Make Me A Widow, College Corpers, Save The Widows, and many more.

Diamond Adaeze Igwe

Nollywood star Diamond Adaeze Igwe hails from Ebonyi District. The Ebonyi Native, Enugu State University of Technology (ESUT) comp sci student has been a dream for most filmmakers and movie fans ever since her initial debut in the cinema industry in 2004.

Diamond is among the talented actors in Nollywood. She has acted in a number of Nollywood productions.

Tracy and Treasure Daniels

Gold Girls Tracy & Treasure both are actors, directors, models, and Gold Girls in Nollywood. Around October 21st, the two twins were born.

Treasure & Tracy come from the Ebonyi state town of Ohankwu. Both are so similar that it is difficult to tell who they are. in addition to being gorgeous. Numerous periodicals feature both of them on their covers.

The acting careers of Tracy and Treasure began as if by magic. As Sir Lancelot Oduwa Imansuen, who’d been staying at the same resort, sought women to play a specific part for Eucharia Anunuobi’s girls in the film Last Burial, ladies were already at the Resort for their regular modeling session. They both underwent a trial, which they passed.

Omalicha Elm

Nigerian artist and filmmaker Omalicha Elom is well-known for her role in the film “Marriage Police.” Her immediate family consists of 3 daughters and two sons.

At National Open University, elom also majored in political science. She began acting actively in 2011 and has subsequently been in a large number of films, including Selling Point, Princess of the Moon, Friday Night, Supreme Sacrifice, and others.


The Nigerian film industry has been the world’s second-largest regarding production, turning out over 2,500 movies each year. Just Bollywood in India has more viewers than this, which is more than Hollywood. Consequently, these actresses are highly skilled.

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