Face Of The Week

This section was created in a bid to showcase promising talents and their crafts, be it music, writing, fashion and so on, and just like the name suggests lasts for just one week for each particular entry we receive.

How To Become Our Face Of The Week?

We have provided in details the processes involved in submission of an entry to become our face of the week, kindly read through the below procedure carefully to note the requirements.

Compulsory Requirements

1. One clear studio picture of yourself, of course it should be your best.

2. Your Personal Details as listed below;

  • Name
  • State
  • Profession
  • Phone Number
  • Social Media Handles, (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter)
  • Brief description of yourself (not more than 30 words)

Other thing you can also include but not compulsory

A full detailed post presenting yourself and your craft to your potential readers, you can utilize this opportunity to display your recent works. Don’t forget this section requires you to take note of the following important informations👇

  • We will post only two of you contents, be it songs or videos unless they are already on our platform, however you can still talk about them in the article.
  • Your post should be well crafted, we are likely to disregard any post that is poorly written. The post might also be edited if need be.

NOTE: Don’t bother yourself with the write-up yet, you just need to send the compulsory requirements first and if yours is choosen we will reach out to you for the write-up if you wants it included.

Submit Your Entry Below;

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