Don’t Eye Your Wife’s Money – Reno Omokri Warns Married Men

Renowned Nigerian Author, Reno Omokri is back with his daily dose of advice and this time it’s directed to all married men.

According to the award winning author, married men shouldn’t eye their wife’s money and dare not make plans on spending it.

He further stressed that men are the head of the family and so meant to carry the weight and responsibilities of their family.

His words;

Dear husband,

Your money is meant for you, your wife and your children to spend. But your wife’s money is not meant for you to spend. Don’t even think of it. Don’t make plans for it. Pretend it doesn’t even exists. Never eye her money. Leave it for her and the children. Make your own! Men who put their eyes on their wives monies hardly progress. It is against nature and good judgment. Yes, two shall become one. But you are the head of the family. A head is designed to carry weight, and not just to Lord it about. Carry the weight!

– Reno Omokri

Screenshot below;

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