Brand Success Stories on TikTok

TikTok has developed into the sixth-largest social network in the world with around 1 billion active members, surpassing Pinterest, Twitter, and Snapchat. People between the ages of 16 and 24 make up 41% of all users. Even if Gen Z isn’t your company’s target market, being familiar with the platform is still a brilliant idea because the number of users over 40 is also increasing.

The fact that TikTok’s popular content is quite distinct from that of other social media platforms presents a barrier for new users. As a result, TikTok may not respond well to social media content methods that are successful on other platforms.

In contrast to conventional social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram, TikTok downloader is a refreshing change. TikTok is where brands can push the limits of conventional advertising and organically interact with their audience. It is a place full of excitement and innovation. There are currently many TikTok success stories on the platform, and these success stories serve as great role models for startups looking to prosper on TikTok.

Why do startups succeed on TikTok?

The benefits of TikTok for new enterprises are numerous. First of all, the app’s exclusive discovery algorithm gradually learns what you enjoy. So the more you interact with its content on the For You page, the more of that content you will see. The app will probably share your posts with users who will be interested in your brand and content, which is ideal for startups No matter how many followers you have or how young your company is, every TikTok video has the potential to become popular.

TikTok should be given priority if you want to connect with a younger market. While Boomers and Millennials traditionally choose Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Gen Z users of TikTok are the most prominent early adopters. They prioritise creativity and ingenuity and are more inclined to support local businesses that appreciate their culture and use their language.

Let us take a look at some brand success stories on TikTok:

Genify Studio – Cat Fighter, created by the well-known Mobile game company Genify Studio in Vietnam, has amassed over 10 million downloads. Even though it was already well-liked, the studio aimed to expand in-game sales and audience diversity. They make the decision to focus on Vietnam as well as other global markets to encourage new sign-ups.

Genify Studio demonstrated players’ enjoyment with their games using In-Feed advertisements. The studio used screen recordings of players engaging in its games to save costs. They could quickly and simply add effects, background music, and creativity optimised using TikTok’s creative tools. They could use Automated Creative Optimisation to modify and mix their material for various foreign audiences. You can download Genify videos from Save from TikTok

Genify Studio

Lala Hijabs

Like many others, Sana and Will Saleh founded Lala Hijabs after losing their employment due to the virus. Like everyone else in quarantine, they also decided to join TikTok. The pair created adorable tie-dyed hijabs for fun and shared them on the app; before they knew it, they had become quite popular. They decided to promote the business before establishing it. People started inquiring where they got the hijabs from since audiences loved it.

The Salehs garnered over 50k followers and one million views overnight, thanks to one viral TikTok. This prompted the pair to utilise their life savings to create Lala Hijabs and use TikTok as their primary marketing channel.

Lala Hijabs

Slate & Tell

With the help of personalised jewellery from Slate & Tell, you can share memorable and unique experiences. Their products include rings, charms, necklaces, and bracelets. Before Christmas, their TikTok campaign aimed to increase brand recognition and product consideration. 

Within six months, they needed to achieve a 2X return on ad investment.  For their spring campaign, Slate & Tell created amusing and entertaining TikToks that were introduced as In-Feed commercials that showed in users’ For You feeds. They observed improved performance and return on investments after tailoring their campaign to events like add-to-cart and product page visits. The campaign attracted 4 million people and generated 1,000 add-to-carts in a single session.

Slate Tell

Princess Polly

Australian online fashion company Princess Polly gives domestic and international customers access to apparel and accessories.  It is the go-to spot for fashion enthusiasts seeking the latest trends, with products inspired by the most recent street style, fashion, and pop culture trends.

The brand wanted to increase online sales among a younger audience and gauge the effectiveness of its advertising expenditure. It followed young culture, didn’t use Photoshop, and emphasised ethical, sustainable design.

Princess Polly used auction ads to run a promotional code campaign to improve traffic.  With the discount code, this campaign attempted to attract a larger audience, increase traffic to their online store, and generate sales.

The humorous and genuine advertisement fit Princess Polly’s and suited TikTok’s community. As a result, the business was able to engage Gen Z and Millennials in a manner exclusive to the platform. The campaign produced almost 9 million impressions, a click-through rate of 1.05 per cent, and a 15X return on advertising investment.

Princess Polly


As you can see, to run successful marketing campaigns on TikTok, you don’t need to be a significant brand with a humongous advertising budget. Your company may reach a new audience, improve website traffic, and boost sales by using attractive, genuine, and personable In-Feed advertisements.

Furthermore, Brands can be viral when brand owners just express their passions and routines on the app, producing natural and exciting content.  Spending time on TikTok is the ideal tool for learning how to achieve it. Watch videos, interact with people and startups you respect, and learn from the masters of viral marketing.

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